From time to time I’ll post something about  my previous work in comics, mainly the jobs that, one way or the other, are reflected in my current production.
Let’s begin with “A Hapless Soul”. Published in issue #8 of the online magazine Digital Webbing Presents, “A Hapless Soul” is a “western” story by Terence Anthony, an L.A writer that, among his many projects, has found the time to also venture into comics. He’s currently publishing the webcomic “Protege” ( with beautiful black-and-white art by Juan Romera.  “A Hapless Soul” tells the unlikely encounter between a blind US Army scout named Elijah Sixkiller (love this name) and a US Marshall in a special mission. Being myself a fan of westerns and avid reader for many years of italian comics such as “Tex” and “Ken Parker”, it was a pleasure to work in this story. The characters are completely different from what is usually seen in the genre.

Below, the process of production of the opening page, from page layout to inks.

Digital Webbing Presents #8 can be found in the online store Comixology ( Check it out!

Layout da página 1 de " A Hapless Soul"

Lápis "A Hapless Soul"


Arte Final "A Hapless Soul!